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Michelle Johnston
Michelle Johnston has worked with parents and caregivers as a family educator with Commonwealth Parenting for eighteen years. She is the mom of four.

    Patience in Parenting

    My first-grader is not having an easy time learning to read. It seems like everyone in his class is making great strides, and he is struggling to the point of tears when he tries on his own at home. His…

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    Parenting Advice

    I feel like my whole day at home with my 2-year-old revolves around food. What’s a good snacking strategy? Should I wait until he acts hungry, or schedule a time for a healthy snack? For a 2-year-old, food is a…

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    Parenting and Social Media

    I have a friend who is constantly posting negative thoughts about her daughter on Facebook. I believe they call this kid-shaming, but I’m not sure. There might be a picture of the sink full of dishes she didn’t wash or…

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    Big Kid Discipline and Separation Anxiety

    Q: Can you recommend a good discipline strategy for 10-year-olds? A: Yes, in one word: consequences.When parents are first trying to diffuse temper tantrums and other toddler and preschool misbehavior, the positive language of “choice” is very effective. With an…

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