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Patty Lafratta
“Real Mom” Patty LaFratta is a pediatric dietitian in private practice and serves as consulting dietitian at Tree of Life Services. She and her husband live in Richmond with their three sons, ages 4, 8, and 11.

    The Nutrition Gap

    Over the past twenty years or so, there has been a dramatic rise in food allergies diagnosed in children.  There are likely many factors involved in this increase, but as a parent of a child with one or more food…

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    Fill ’em Up!

    There's a lot of information out there - some of it very confusing - about how our young athletes should fuel their bodies. As parents, it can be difficult to decipher what is myth, and what is fact. It would…

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    Boost Your Protein

    I truly love talking about food. Which foods I like and don't like, why we need different foods to stay healthy, comparing notes with my friends on which new foods we have tried. The list is endless. I mean, we…

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