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Paula Peters Chambers
Paula has been writing professionally since college, when she joined a student newspaper’s staff in her first semester. A resident of Richmond for eleven years, she still likes to explore and learn with her three children, even though they are now old enough to offer their opinions on what to do.

    The Woman’s Club, 125 Years Strong

    It was spring 1894, early in President Grover Cleveland’s second term. A new company offering chocolate confections had recently been founded in Derry Township, Pennsylvania, in a town called Hershey. Avant-garde dancer and choreographer Martha Graham was born on May…

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    RVA Families Love Baseball!

    Whitman’s speculation below, misquoted (just a bit) by a character in the 1988 movie Bull Durham, speaks to the peculiar American-ness of baseball. It’s a game that traces its origins to England, but became wholly ours in the nineteenth century.…

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    Glass Half Full! Down Syndrome

    Marybeth and Charles Meacham have three children: sons who are in their forties and a daughter who is thirty-eight. Their daughter Anne attended college and now works as a textile hanger with Goodwill Industries in Richmond – she inspects donated…

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    Family Leave is a Win-Win

    Six years ago, as they anticipated the birth of their first child, Kelley and her husband did more than just furnish the nursery – they got serious about saving. Even though Kelley had a good job in the government sector…

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    Combatting Cyberbullying

    It started with an Instagram post of two sisters on Sibling Day. They were smiling and happy. Before long, though, the comments appeared: hahaha these @#$% losers – your sister needs to be really helped LMFAO! IM ACTUALLY DIEING LOL…

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    Why We Love Hands-on Grands!

    Growing up in Henrico’s near West End, Carla Navarrete had plenty of family around her: her parents, an older sister, and three younger brothers. But she didn’t have her grandparents, all of whom lived in her parents’ native country of…

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    What’s Your Kid-Span?

    Years ago, when I contemplated the spacing of our children’s births, I thought more about immediate issues than how the differences in their ages would play out down the road. My chief considerations, at the time, were sleep (theirs and…

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