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Phaedra Hise
Phaedra Hise is a freelance journalist and editor, published author, and parent of a teen.
    It Gets Better

    This June marked two years. But a loss so profound can feel like just yesterday sometimes for Kelly Jackson, who found her husband on a summer Tuesday morning, lying on…

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    Swell On Wheels

    When my daughter Lily gave me tickets to a roller derby bout for Mother’s Day last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I like sports, and I’m always up…

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    Most mornings, Peter Fraser packs up his laptop and paperwork to commute to his offices at Fraser Design, about 10 miles away. He also grabs a water bottle and spare…

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    When Aimee Boiset’s son, Spencer, came home and told her he was learning how to ride a bike at school, she was floored. Most kids learn before second grade, but…

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