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Rick Holtz
Rick Holtz is the owner of H.J. Holtz & Son Painting, Wallpapering and Decorative Finishes in Richmond. They collaborate with local designers or work with homeowners and business owners directly to increase curb appeal and create stunning interiors. Learn more about the company and its services at H.J. Holtz & Son Painting.

    Simple Change Has a Big Impact

    While the kitchen was once considered a workspace, hidden in the rear of a house, it’s now become a gathering place – a central area where friends and family congregate for cooking, eating, and often, craft time and family game…

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    Embrace the Faux

    When it comes to changing the look of a room, it’s hard to beat painting. The possible combinations of colors and techniques are virtually endless, especially when you incorporate faux techniques that mimic different materials. Simple faux projects are within…

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    Not Your Granny’s Wallpaper

    When it comes to changing the look of a room, a homeowner’s first instinct is usually to repaint. Paint can be inexpensive, and often, it seems like a do-it-yourself job. But maybe it’s time to reconsider wallpaper – in all…

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    Tips for a Kitchen Refresh

    We all see the home renovation shows that allow a major kitchen remodel to miraculously take place within a 30-minute program. Sure, sometimes the best solution is to rip everything out down to the studs (or even further) and start…

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    Refurbish Like a Pro!

    With warm weather, long days, and slightly cooler evenings – summer probably finds you spending lots of time outdoors entertaining friends and family. You thought you were going to make it through the summer with the same old deck furniture,…

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    Considering a Door Do-Over?

    When it comes to fashion, color can be a door to your personality. It reflects individualism and lets you stand out from the crowd. This also applies to your home! When you paint your front door a vibrant, high-gloss color,…

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    Top-to-Bottom Design

    Homeowners today want to stand out from their neighbors. Of course, designers are fans of using unique colors and textures on the walls, but creativity doesn’t need to stop there. Both the floors and the ceilings are fair game to…

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