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Samantha Tisnado, DVM
Samantha Tisnado, DVM, co-founder of John Rolfe Animal Hospital and head veterinarian of Gayton Animal Hospital in the West End, has a passion for cat behavior and nutrition and has been working with all kinds of animals for fifteen years. She lives in Midlothian with her family – including a mini-menagerie of furry friends.

    Pethood Obesity

    We all know how much our dogs and cats love to eat. But based on recent veterinary surveys, more than half of our pets are overweight. Overweight pets are at a higher risk for developing arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, high…

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    Cat Mysteries Solved

    So you think you know cats? Let’s take a closer look at this often misunderstood creature. Myth #1: Cats are solitary animals that don’t need exercise or play time. Cats entertain themselves. Somehow the idea has gotten around that cats…

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