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Sarah Paxton is president of LaDiff, which she co-owns with her husband Andy Thornton. She is also mom to a teenage daughter, Lucy, and tries to keep up with a shedding dog and cat.

    6 Perfectly Practical Tips

    I love Christmas. I always have. I love the decorating, the gift buying and the wrapping, the food, the music, the family time, the surprises, the traditions – all of it.  Unfortunately, I’m married to someone who sees the holiday…

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    The Sun’s Rays and Your Home

    As you protect your family from dangers of the sun with SPF 50, big floppy hats, and swim shirts, consider what that same hot ball of heat is doing to your furniture. With the summer sun beating down, it’s timely…

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    Furnishing the Great Outdoors

    My husband likes building, moving, and rearranging things outdoors. He particularly likes moving really big rocks with the front-end loader on his tractor. When he is not mowing our yard, he is moving rocks and creating outside spaces with various…

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    Yours, Mine – or Ours?

    With the median age of first-time marriages continuing to rise, more people have established households and amassed lots of belongings when the time comes to move in with Mr. or Ms. Right. Second (or third) marriages compound that quandary by…

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    Something Old, Something New!

    We all know that styles change. In fashion, the cycle is about thirty to thirty-five years (yes, that means the eighties are back). While in furniture and home design, it’s more like fifty. For the last ten years, mid-century modern…

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