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Your Body of Water!

Did you know the human body is approximately 60 percent water? Water is such an important part of how the human body functions that every system in your body requires water to function. In the wintertime, there may be parts…

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They Get Around

Look at the trees and plants all around you – especially the ones you and your family didn’t plant. How do you think they got there? How did the flowers from your garden start growing in your neighbor’s yard, too?…

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Fireworks and Filters

Have you ever wondered why your white shirt or socks turned pink in the laundry? Oops! How did that red towel get in there? Our clothes are colored using different combinations of dyes to get the perfect color. We can use…

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Science in a Sandwich Bag

Plants have leaves, stems, and roots. But where do these come from? Plants use sunlight, water, nutrients, carbon dioxide, and the process of photosynthesis to grow. But how does it all happen? Create a sandwich bag garden and observe how…

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Science is a Breeze!

Wind is a powerful source of energy that helps people, animals, and plants move around the world. Sailors have used wind power to navigate waterways for thousands of years! So is it possible to use wind to help us drive…

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