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Sherrie Evelyn Page is a freelance writer and proud mom of two teens, who frequently writes on topics related to parenting and wellness. When not attending shows or games, Sherrie enjoys yoga and power walking. She is also a registered nurse and teaches health at St. Catherine’s School.

    Moms Come First

    Motherhood connects women worldwide. Taking care of mothers means healthier families, less poverty, and stronger communities. Midwives for Haiti, a Richmond-based non-profit, has built a bridge from Virginia to Haiti to keep women alive to raise the children they bring…

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    Broadway Baby Off To College!

    We’ve all heard that life upon the wicked stage is a difficult career, full of rejection, brief highs, and lots of blood, sweat, and tears. Getting into a college bachelor of fine arts (BFA) theatre program is no different. My…

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    Volunteer America!

    Life isn’t fair. Our parents told us that, and we, in turn, tell our children. Resources aren’t distributed evenly; somebody always winds up in need, while others have more than they need. If you’re lucky enough to be in the…

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    Kids & Food Allergies

    Nearly six million American children have life-threatening food allergies. If that stat wasn’t on your radar before, the tragic death of Amarria Johnson, the first grader who died from ingesting peanuts at her Chesterfield County school in early January, has…

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    The Joy of Eating?

    We live in a world where our kids get programmed to worry more about what they look like than about character and academic success. According to national statistics, 81 percent of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat; 42 percent of…

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    Yoga for Kids

    Stop. Relax. Breathe. For many of us, the stresses of the holidays ramped up at Halloween and haven’t loosened their grip. Too often we focus on all that needs to get done between now and the New Year, instead of…

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    Talk About Diversity

    Despite living in a country that guarantees basic freedoms to all, struggles with issues of race and tolerance are recurring themes in our society. How do we raise our children to respect differences, when diversity is so difficult to discuss?…

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    Podium Foundation

    According to Podium Foundation co-founder David L. Robbins, very few of Richmond’s public high schools have literary journals, and none have school newspapers. Contrast this with the neighboring counties, where most every high school features both. “Richmond’s just like urban…

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    Deciding to Vaccinate With Gardasil?

    You may find it difficult to acknowledge that one day your children will be sexually active. However, taking steps to keep them healthy when they are, is an action you can take as a parent. Vaccination against the human papillomavirus…

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    An Infinite Ripple

    Working hard as a nurse, I understand the call of a holiday. Last year my family and I skimmed steep water slides, walked white sand beaches, and sipped piña coladas by the pool at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. It…

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