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Susan Brown holds a master’s degree in developmental psychology, as well as degrees in early childhood education and psychology. A mother, teacher, children’s book author, and nationally known family educator, she works with clients at Everyday Parenting Solutions.

    Parenting Toddlers and Teens

    Things disappear when my 13-year-old son’s friend visits our house, and I don’t know how to handle it. I am convinced this boy is stealing things from our home. I’m talking about little things, but it only happens when he…

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    The Right Time for Makeup

    Q: At my daughter’s preschool, a few of her classmates have come to school wearing makeup and little high-heel shoes. Now my almost 4-year-old daughter is asking to wear makeup – mostly eyeshadow and lipstick. While I am okay with this,…

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    Parenting Through Divorce

    Q: My husband and I have recently separated and are headed toward divorce. While we disagree on many things, the one thing we both want is to lessen the negative impact of the divorce on our 8-year-old daughter. Any suggestions?…

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    Advice for Older Moms

    Q: I am forty and just found out I’m having a baby. This is my second, but number one was born when I was just twenty – truly a lifetime ago! I am scared to death of everything: labor and delivery,…

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    Babies, Milestones, and Bragging

    Q: We’ll be around my very large family this holiday with a brand new baby. He’ll be about six weeks old when we visit. I’m already feeling antsy about passing him around from family member to family member. Should I…

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    New Baby and Separation Anxiety

    Q. We’re getting ready to have a baby and our 5-year-old is not very happy about this new family addition. Did we wait too long? Do you have any ideas for helping him adjust appropriately before his little sister arrives?…

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    Parenting an Only

    This month, Susan Brown tackles two questions on the same topic. As the mother of an only child, she knows the territory well. Q: My husband and I made a decision to have one child and we are happy with…

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