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Susan Brown
Susan Brown holds a master’s degree in developmental psychology, as well as degrees in early childhood education and psychology. A mother, teacher, children’s book author, and nationally known family educator, she works with clients at Everyday Parenting Solutions.
    Expert Advice

    Q. When my dad was in hospice, my husband insisted that our kids (six and nine) not be part of that experience. I thought then, and still think, this was…

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    Sleep Help Guide

    Q. I’ve always heard we should strive to keep our kids on a schedule no matter what, waking them up at the same time on weekends. My teens don’t go…

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    Help for Parents

    Q  Our four-year-old daughter has a blankie she absolutely cherishes, especially at bedtime. We have a policy of leaving the blanket on her bed in the morning. Lately she has…

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    Parenting Wisdom

    Q: I have been questioning myself over how I handled a situation with my 12- year-old daughter a few weeks ago.She came home from school very upset over having been…

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