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Susanna Wu-Pong is an associate professor and director of the pharmaceutical sciences graduate program at VCU School of Pharmacy and a writer. She lives in Richmond and is the mother of two talented sons. She blogs about finding positive perspective in life at Silver Lining.

    Questionable Counsel

    Think of all the people in your life that are on the wrong track. They’re in the wrong career, relationship, or friendship. They’re focusing on the wrong things, behaving poorly towards others, or just generally messing up their lives or…

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    How Believing Can Dismantle Seasonal Stress

    Studies show that positive emotion and well-being can increase during the holidays, especially with regard to holiday rituals. Regardless of how stressed or frustrated you might feel during this time of year, you can improve your positive emotion by changing your…

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    Divorce Happens

    I love my ex, and not in a pining, unrequited love kind of way. I really do. My friends think I’m nuts. In a way, I love him more now than I did when we were married, because now we don’t have…

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