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Tony Farrell
Tony Farrell has written about parenting for many books, magazines, and websites. He lives in Richmond’s West End with his wife, Laura, and their children, Lucy and Will. He writes for the DadZone every other month and shares theater reviews occasionally too.
    Fend for Yourselves

    You would think, after so many years in this business of raising a family, that we would have it all down to a science. Or at least a well-greased, satisfactorily…

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    Dad Jeans

    Now don’t you go laughing. I picked these out myself. And I think I look pretty good in them, too. The casual fit, the no-nonsense cut, the dapper shade of…

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    We R Uber

    I have my glazed doughnut, my coffee, and a few sections of the Sunday paper to keep me occupied for the next hour or so. And I see it’s starting…

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    I remember that first morning when we stood in this doorway and took in all the cabinets, counters, and ceramic tile that finally belonged to us. We had no groceries…

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    Call Me Tax Dad

    I have my #2 pencil. Here is the calculator with the enormous number pad. All my forms, receipts, and financial statements are neatly stacked in front of me. Time now…

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