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Tony Farrell
Tony Farrell has written about parenting for many books, magazines, and websites. He lives in Richmond’s West End with his wife, Laura, and their children, Lucy and Will. He writes for the DadZone every other month and shares theater reviews occasionally too.
    The Call of the Wild

    What I remember most is the rain. All day, all night, pounding down on the two-man Army-style canvas tent, leaking through the floor, running like a cold river from the…

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    Listen to the Beard

    It starts innocently enough. You forgot to charge the electric razor. Or you’re fresh out of disposable blades. Or maybe you just got lazy one Saturday and ended up missing…

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    Van of My Dreams

    Uh-oh, she’s making those sounds again – the grumbling, the whining, the full-throttle complaining. I’ve tried to ignore it, but it’s not fair to put her off any longer, especially…

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    The Show Never Ends

    He’s downstairs on the computer. She’s up in her room checking Instagram. Mom is deep into another book on her iPad. And me? I’m glued to a tiny smartphone, checking…

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