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Tony Farrell
Tony Farrell has written about parenting for many books, magazines, and websites. He lives in Richmond’s West End with his wife, Laura, and their children, Lucy and Will. He writes for the DadZone every other month and shares theater reviews occasionally too.
    Dad on Fire

    Okay, here we go, let’s see if we can get you to catch. It’s just a tiny flame at first, gnawing away at the edge of some crumpled newspaper. now…

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    Grass and the Dad

    That’s okay, kids. Go ahead and laugh. I don’t mind. After all, it’s not every day you get to see your dad crawling across the wet lawn on his stomach,…

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    To All of You, From All of Us

    Yes, yes. We know, we know. Here we are again, right on schedule. Time again for our one-size-fits-all, here-we-are, look-at-us, oh-how-wonderful-we’ve-been-this-year, annual holiday letter. We submit it to you on…

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    Ode to Boy

    The jutting chin. The inscrutable eyes. The shock of unkempt hair. It’s all there in the alabaster bust of Ludwig von Beethoven sitting just outside the door to the violin…

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    Mouse In The House

    She’s sniffing. And pacing. And pawing the corner where the carpet meets the wall. C’mon now, girl, what’s the matter? Uh-oh. I think I know. The dog always figures it…

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