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Travis Shaw, MD, specializes in reconstructive surgery of the head and neck, scars, rhinoplasty, and skin cancer. He sees patients of all ages at his office in Stony Point and lives in Westover Hills with his family.
Today’s Scar Wars

As a parent of two young children, I know I look closely at every scrape and cut, worrying if it is going to leave a mark on my kids’ delicate…

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Are You a Sinus Sufferer?

Millions of people suffer from constant or repeated headaches, facial pain, fatigue, or stuffy noses. The warm, humid climate here in Richmond means that sinusitis, allergies, and other nasal disorders…

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These days, it seems as if you can’t turn around without seeing someone wearing a pair of earbuds connected to an iPod or other portable music player. It’s common for…

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