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Victoria Winterhalter is a mother, teacher, reader, and writer on the education and environment beats for RFM. She has been with RFM since its founding in 2009 and has contributed photos and written numerous articles on education, parenting, and family travel.

    Not. So. Much.

    There’s no doubt about it. Technology is a wonderful thing. Kids can text parents when they are ready to be picked up from school, play and learn on iPads during long waits at the doctor’s office, and extended families can…

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    Tweens, TechSpeak, and Writing

    I once read that the average teenager texts the equivalent of “War and Peace” in one year's time, but like most adults, teenagers don’t consider this time spent as real writing. This disconnect is problematic. WDIMBT? It leads to what…

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    Shore and Much More

    Mine is a mixed marriage. My husband loves the beach. I love the city. And the kids love adventure. So this year, we decided to vacation in Charleston, SC. We toured the sites in the morning and hit the beach…

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    Shenandoah’s Family Secrets

    Living so close to the cradle of American civilization, history is fun. Trips to Jamestown. Summer camps at Yorktown.And fireworks in Williamsburg. So you could imagine my surprise when a local friend recommended the Frontier Culture Museum as the best…

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    TV That Teaches

    By Victoria Winterhalter From coast to coast, American kids watch too much TV.  The average child watches 20 hours each week.  Over the course of a year, the Center for Screen Time Awareness says these 1,040 hours of television equate…

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    Whale of a Time

    Boats flooded Rudee Inlet thanks to the Rock Shout Out, an annual fishing competition at Virginia Beach, but I watched them diminish in the distance as the Virginia Aquarium’s vessel headed toward Cape Henry Lighthouse. An earlier tour had spotted…

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    Can Sibs Be Friends?

    Since I started blogging at Parenting by the Book for Richmond Family Magazine, I have read twenty-four titles from experts on everything from our kids’ disconnect with nature to the importance of putting your marriage first. While trying to stay…

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    Your Child’s Happiness

    The middle school I used to teach at distributed “Grover Gold” to students whenever they helped out by running an errand for a teacher, for example, or cleaning up without being asked. This pretend money could then be redeemed in…

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