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Visual Arts Center of Richmond
The Visual Arts Center of Richmond is a community arts center that's been helping adults and children explore their creativity and make great art since 1963.

Make a Collagraph

Collagraphs are handmade printing plates – usually assembled on cardboard – made from artfully arranged materials. Artists varnish the collagraph plates and let them dry. Then they ink them, and press paper to the surface to create a print. Let’s…

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Picture-Perfect Gift Idea

Kids love making ornaments and grownups enjoy receiving pictures  during the holidays! Factor in the use of recycled materials, and you get a can’t-miss Kids Can-Do idea for all ages. (It’s a perfect gift topper, too – especially for out-of-town…

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By-the-Letter Fun

Monograms are all the rage. It’s easy to craft your own colorful design with this creative and easy-to-execute technique. What you need: • Cardboard • Pencil or marker • Yarn or ribbon • Scissors • Tape   What you do:…

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Paper-Perfect Jewelry

Start with Mom’s favorite colors or her favorite magazine.She’ll love that you took the time to up-cycle paper into an original jewelry design to celebrate Mother’s Day. What you need: • Cardboard (template) • Old magazines, direct-mail pieces, or any…

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That’s a Wrap!

You’re a collector and that’s awesome! You have stunning stones, sea glass, and shells from your beach trip. You even saved the minerals and rocks from that third-grade field trip to the mines. Here’s why: You can create original wrapped…

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There’s the Rub

Start your art with this photo-transferring strategy and go for a big finish by adding your own unique elements. What you need: • Acrylic gel medium (we use Liquitex gel medium in heavy gloss, but any clear acrylic medium works)…

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Deck Those Halls!

Make garland for the holiday – or any day! Just change the colors and the shapes of the pipe cleaners. What you need: • Yarn • Pipe cleaners • Cardboard swatch (about 3 inches wide) • Scissors, ruler • Streamers,…

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