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Wayne T. Shaia, MD, father of three, is an ear, nose and throat physician in Richmond. He performs laser-assisted Eustachian tuboplasty surgery at Stony Point Surgery Center, and sees patients at the Balance and Ear Center in the West End.

    Tinnitus Woes

    Ringing, roaring, hissing, or chirping. Each person who has tinnitus may have his or her own special kind of sound, but all agree that the noises can be intrusive and disturbing. People with tinnitus hear sounds that are not heard…

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    Winter-Proofing Ears

    Perhaps winter is a good time to take our ears a little more seriously. They’re complex structures, after all, that manage hearing, balance, and pressure in our faces and heads. The moving parts in the middle ear transmit sound; the…

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    Tube Talk

    Ear pressure or pain, fluid in the ears, hearing your voice loud in one ear – any of this sound familiar? Most of these symptoms are related to the function of a small opening in our middle ears called the…

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