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Wendy irvine is a family travel writer who recently relocated to the East Coast and a regular contributor to Trip Advisor and Expedia online, as well as local and national magazines. She homeschools her twin boys and lives with one foot in RVA and the other in Atlanta. Visit for more from Wendy on the reality of family travel.

    Kidding Around in Nashville

    Loretta sang me through my first chaotic year with twins; Hank Jr. helped me see that other peoples’ families could be goofy, too; and Carrie convinced everyone that slashing a boyfriend’s tires is a legitimate response, given the proper circumstances. …

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    Travel in the Sweet Spot!

    Incredible news! Those adorable cherubs who never slept? Well, they’ve ditched their diapers and sippy cups for undies and CamelBak bottles. So whether you’re planning a spring break trip (that’s April 1 to April 5 in Richmond), a summer vacation,…

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    8 Secrets to Crafting a Great Teen Trip

    Eons ago, I handled PR for a group who rescued elephants, lions, bears, and the like from performing venues like Hollywood, circuses, and zoos. Exotic animals who’ve only known human care are hybrids: part ferocious animal, part pretty-kitty. Take primates.…

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    Making Multigenerational Magic

    Thanks to smart eating, slick workouts, and cutting-edge medicine, grandparents today look nothing like the grandparents of yore. Today’s group is ready to explore our big blue marble with their favorite people. Here are some tips for building a happy…

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    Oh, Baby! Family Travel

    Today’s parents rarely see eye-to-eye, except on this: We agree that our own children are ridiculously wonderful! And yet. Blend kids – and babies, especially – with travel? Yeah, that often feels just plain ridiculous. If you’re the parent who’s been…

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    Best of RVA! Staycation Adventures

    Funny story. Not funny ha-ha, funny stupid. For years, I lived about fifty minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. I walked the wide, inviting paths overlooking the sparkling San Francisco Bay twice. I toured Alcatraz once. I might have ridden…

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    Welcome to Kid City!

    Full disclosure: I am not wild about theme parks. That said, I adore LEGOLAND Florida. If your kids are under twelve and are LEGO-fanatics, they’ll also fall in love with a park that’s dedicated to their age group and their…

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    Safety Tips for Family Travel!

    I’ve logged many a rocky road in flip-flops. To date, I’ve survived ten years traveling with two exasperating eaters to research and write 100-plus family travel articles, and ultimately savor – yes, savor! – one back surgery (my one solo…

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    When It’s Carolina Time…

    Arriving in Richmond from California one snowy January, I was thrilled when a new friend described Richmond’s springtime as “gob-smacking” in its beauty. Seriously? I couldn’t wait. And happily, she hadn’t oversold the season. Then came summer. Think I’m about…

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