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Wendy irvine is a family travel writer who recently relocated to the East Coast and a regular contributor to Trip Advisor and Expedia online, as well as local and national magazines. She homeschools her twin boys and lives with one foot in RVA and the other in Atlanta. Visit for more from Wendy on the reality of family travel.

Spinning Hurricanes Into Gold

  I grew up near San Francisco with beaches that are rugged, breathtaking, and a mondo-sized failure for kids expecting a real beach. Alcatraz sits one-and-a-half miles offshore for a reason. Make a swim for it and you’ll freeze, drown,…

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The President’s Residence

In September my husband received the call he had been crossing his fingers for and I’d been dreading: A job in Atlanta was his. Oh goody. Our new life in Virginia was about to be history. Long-story-short: We ended up…

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Building Memories

I don't find amusement parks all that amusing. My idea of an amusement park is the library. You have New Bookland, Non-fictionland, Magazineland, and my happiest stop at the end of a visit - Really Clean Bathroomland. But I have…

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A Date With Delaware

I like to think I know from beaches. I grew up in California, spent summers in Tahoe, and racked up several dozen sunburns in Hawaii. I thought I would always live on the West Coast – kind of felt stuck…

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Throw Mama On The Train

I'm an older mom. Meaning, these days I don't hear my mom coming out of my mouth nearly as often as I hear my grandma - Do you need a light to read, dear? You see, truly novel experiences don't…

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