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A New Kind of Crayon Fun!

Make Colorful Decor at Home

What you need:

Wax paper
Pencil or crayon sharpener
Clear tape
Blow dryer
Construction paper (any color)
Glue stick
Hole punch
String, ribbon, or yarn

What you do:

1. Cut two pieces of wax paper to be the same size, and put them side by side on a table. 

2. Sharpen crayons to make shavings and sprinkle shavings over one of your sheets of wax paper. 

3. Lay other piece of wax paper over the shavings. Tape sides to temporarily hold shavings inside. 

4. Use the lowest setting on your blow dryer and hold about sixteen inches away from wax paper, slowly moving closer. Blow warm air toward the wax paper with shavings. Hold onto the wax paper with one hand while you are holding the hair dryer with the other. 

5. When crayon shavings have melted completely, set aside to cool off. 

6. Cut four 1- to 2-inch wide strips of construction paper and glue them around the perimeter of the wax paper to make a frame. Decorate frame with embellishments if you’d like.

7. Use a hole punch to make small holes on the top two corners of the finished piece. 

8. To hang, thread string, ribbon, or yarn through the holes and tie at the top. 

9. To fully enjoy, display finished artwork in the light by a window.

Photos: courtesy Children’s Museum 

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