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boys fishing in boat

John Morgan shares life lessons on fatherhood and connecting with the wisdom of the ages in the DadZone. Find out why John braved I-95 on a Saturday morning!

Sam Davies

Sam Davies shares his perspective on time and parenting (hours pass slowly and years fly by!) and how marking milestones gets lost in everyday life.

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John Morgan is in the DadZone sharing his perspective on passion and how discovering your energy source as a young person is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

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John Morgan is in the DadZone sharing perspective on dad life, summer storms, home ownership, and keeping the ship afloat as a family.

Sam Davies

Processing the grief that comes with losing a pet is hard – for kids and their parents. Meet Jelly and read about Sam’s good-bye in the DadZone.

John Morgan

Writing at my desk the other morning, I heard the chop-chop-chop of a kitchen knife. It was Atticus, slicing bananas and strawberries. The cutting was followed by the shoveling of…