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Science in a Sandwich Bag

Create a Secret Garden and Learn About Plants

Plants have leaves, stems, and roots. But where do these come from? Plants use sunlight, water, nutrients, carbon dioxide, and the process of photosynthesis to grow. But how does it all happen? Create a sandwich bag garden and observe how different plants begin to grow. Document these changes in a notebook, using descriptions, drawings, and photographs, just like other scientists do when they’re making observations.


1505_KCD_1What you need:

• One to four seal-tight sandwich bags

• One to four different kinds of seeds (use at least three of each type of seed)

• Two to twelve cotton balls

• Cup of water

• Permanent marker

• Tape

• String, clothespins or binder clips (optional method)

• Window


What you do:

1. On the side of each bag, with your permanent marker, write the name of the seed you will place into each seal-tight bag.

2. Soak two to three cotton balls in water and place into each bag.

3. Add different seeds on top of the cotton balls per original labeling (three seeds per bag).

4. Leaving each bag open, use a few pieces of tape to secure the bags to a window where they will get plenty of sunshine.

5. Another option is to hang a string across your window or room, and clip the bags to the line using clothespins or binder clips.

6. Watch science in action as your seeds grow into plants. Make comparisons between seeds and record observations in your science notebook.

Note: Be sure to gently water your seeds when you feel like the cotton balls are getting too dry. When the plant is big enough, try planting it in a small pot with some soil.

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