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Share Your Identity

Make a Silhouette Collage


What makes you – you? Explore your identity by creating a silhouette of your outward image filled with pictures that reflect who you truly are on the inside.



What you need:

• Two sheets of construction paper, one white and one black
• A bright light source
• Masking tape
• White colored pencil
• Scissors
• Magazines
• Glue stick


1406_KCD_4What you do:
1. Begin by creating a silhouette of yourself. Shine a bright light toward a sheet of black construction paper taped to a smooth wall and stand so that your head casts a shadow on the paper (your shadow should take up most, but not all, of the paper). Have someone trace the outline of your shadow using a white colored pencil.

2. Cut out your silhouette. Be careful to make one continuous cut and save the negative space, or outside edge, of the silhouette. Set this aside for now.

3. Look through magazines and cut out a variety of images that help tell your story. Favorite animals, places you would like to visit, activities you enjoy, etc.

4. Design a collage by gluing your images to the white sheet of paper, covering the entire page. Don’t be afraid to overlap or alter the images as you see fit.

5. Finally, take the outside edge of the silhouette that you made earlier and paste it on top of your collage. Your artwork will now be an image of yourself made up of all of the things that identify who you really are!

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