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Go Ape! Williamsburg is a Big Hit with Parents and Kids

IMG_2647My kids can’t wait to go back to GoApe Treetop Junior in Williamsburg. Next time, they want to bring their best friends along. My husband and I had gone on the Treetop adventure with another couple a few weeks before taking the kids, and we had such a fun, yet challenging time. The course is not for the weak, but we left there saying we would love to bring the kids back to do the Treetop Junior could. 

With the excitement of a fun day trip ahead, hopping in the car, and the drive on 64 East from Richmond to Williamsburg, the kids couldn’t wait to see the ziplines and obstacle courses up in the trees that they were about to tackle. 

Go Ape Treetop Junior did not disappoint. It actually exceeded the kids expectations. From the moment we pulled into the parking lot at Freedom Park, I heard “Wows” and “This is going to be awesome!”

As we checked in, the staff welcomed my family with a smile and got us all squared away. The enthusiastic staff members on the course were knowledgeable and the best cheerleaders as we were climbing through the trees. They learned all three of our kids’ names and taught them all the safety rules. All throughout the course you are securely fastened onto ziplines from your pulley, so there is no worry of falling. At one point my 6-year-old son got nervous about crossing one of the obstacles. As I was talking him through it from right behind him, I saw a GoApe staff member up by the zipline ahead cheering him on by his name. That was awesome! He made it and without crying. He was so proud of himself!

The course is designed for little Tarzans, ages three to twelve. If your child is between the ages of three and six, a parent or guardian must accompany the child along the course. However, any parent is allowed to go on the course. It consists of two different options either moderate or extreme. You have the choice to do one or the other or both during the allotted one and a half hour time limit. Both directions have a fun zipline to close out the course. My 11-year-old daughter and I even raced against each other on the ziplines. She won! 

IMG_2371Then on the opposite side of the trees is the GoApe Treetop adventure for adults and kids ten and older with a minimum height requirement. Whether it’s an adventure date, a team building experience for work, or a family outing with your older kids, this more advanced course consist of many, many obstacles high above the ground with a total of five ziplines. One may choose the moderate or extreme route on this course as well. I was up for a challenge and went for the extreme course and loved it! That’s not to say I wasn’t sore for the next couple of days. It was well worth it and a great workout. I have to say I felt very accomplished. My favorite was the big Tarzan swing! You will enjoy this course for at least a good three hours.

Also, at Freedom Park is an excellent playground that the kids can run around and get loose on before stepping foot on the course. There are plenty of picnic tables and many hiking trails around the park, as well. 

The day that my family of five visited GoApe we made it a whole day of fun. After a morning of swinging through the trees we drove about thirty minutes and set up a spot at Yorktown Beach.

So tighten up those laces, dress comfortably, be energetic and get ready to GoApe. You won’t regret it and you’re kids will thank you. It is a great family bonding experience. It was nice to see my kids cheering each other on. Visit Go Ape! for tickets and more information. 

Reviewed by Becky Holmes

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