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As MRSA makes it’s rounds this year, please be aware of the best practices in preventative programs as well as post-infection services.  Presently, the best prevention goes beyond the basic promotion of hand washing.  MRSA is a bacteria that originates in the community and constantly re-infects schools and athletic facilities.  To reduce the potential for infection, antimicrobial surface treatments can be quickly applied and will last for months.  By applying a surface treatment throughout the facility, all types of pathogens are tremendously reduced.

Traditional bleach and ammonia protocols show evidence that this is harmful to the long-term health of children.  Regardless of your cleaning protocols, there are new sanitizing options that can protect your staff and students.  These can prove very helpful to the overall appeal of your facility and can be a positive statement that parents will appreciate.

Locally, Re-Freshen is a provider of this preventative treatment and offers post-infection services. These are trained Environmental Health Services technicians.

The good news is that a twice a year program is effective and cost saving.  Application of the BioZone Protectant is done in one evening, but has germ inhibiting action for three months or more.  In post-infection treatment, Peroxy Shield is extraordinarily effective for the most difficult pathogens.  Both products are EPA registered, environmentally safe, non-toxic, and leave no chemical residue.

There is a new generation of hand sanitizers that do not rely on Triclosan or include alcohol, but provide germ inhibiting action for hours after application.

Environmental Health Services recommend the most effective process of twice-a-year infection control programs to mitigate and reduce potential infection, reduce costs, and protect the people in your care.

With even more superbugs on the horizon, and the present array of infectious diseases, we are confident that the sanitizing processes suggested will decrease sick days.  Serious infection control reduces the cost of more laborious sanitizing processes, protects the health of the staff and students, and may reduce liabilities.

To find out more, please contact your local Environmental Health Service:  

Re-Freshen         (804) 502-3701 

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