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Regional Kindergarten Registration Launches Online April 1

Due to ongoing safety concerns caused by the pandemic, kindergarten registration for the greater Richmond region will take place in a virtual, online format beginning April 1 and extending throughout the spring and summer.  

School systems in fifteen cities and counties across the region want parents of incoming kindergartners to know that “springtime is on time” for kindergarten registration. In order for school divisions to plan for the fall, it is critical that they have registration information in the spring to plan for resource allocation at each elementary school.

“In the past year, we all know that COVID-19 has been a stressful and challenging period for children, families, and school divisions,” said Rich Schultz, executive director of Smart Beginnings Greater Richmond, a regional school readiness collaborative that works with school divisions regionwide to promote the importance of springtime registration. “This year, it is especially critical for parents to reach out to their school division in the spring so they can be connected with all available resources to address any learning loss and to ensure their child is well-prepared to start kindergarten.”

Schultz emphasized that despite the uncertainty that might exist related to public health or individual child readiness, now is the time for parents to let their local school know about a child who will be arriving for kindergarten in the fall. Parents are encouraged to reach out as soon as possible and complete the online registration, or request hard copy forms provided by the local school division. “Your local school division will contact you to complete the process,” Schultz added.

Smart Beginnings Greater Richmond offers a number of helpful resources and tips for regional kindergarten registration on its website at, along with a list of frequently asked questions for families who are registering their children. In addition, parents will find a section for each school division in the Richmond region that will provide links and resources for each school. Parents are advised to utilize those local school division resources, as registration processes and documentation for registration may differ by school division.


For strategies that can help families prepare themselves and their kids for kindergarten, read this article in RFM by VCU Health’s Dr. Bergen Nelson. 

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