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Richmond Waldorf School

1301 Robin Hood Road, Richmond, VA, United States
1000 Westover Hills Boulevard Richmond Virginia 23225 US

Richmond Waldorf School opens hearts, inspires minds, and builds character. We help students become creative and critical thinkers, who will be able to bring forth positive change in the world.

Our Early Childhood classes provide children (age 2.5 – 6) with a gentle, unhurried program that preserves their sense of wonder and helps them grow and thrive. Each day has its rhythm of indoor and outdoor work and play that allows children to develop their imagination, creativity, and social skills.

Our Elementary School (grades 1 – 5) features lively, experiential learning with an interdisciplinary curriculum that makes learning enjoyable and meaningful. Children develop their creativity through a wide range of arts and develop their social skills through collaborative work and play.

Our Middle School (grades 6 – 8) stresses core academics that develop students’
critical thinking skills and helps them develop intellectual and moral foundations for a life of purpose. Our rich program of visual, performing, and practical arts deepens the students’ experience and develops their capacity for self-expression.

Waldorf students benefit from small classrooms of 12 -16 students. Each class is guided by a class teacher who progresses through the grades with their class. This long-term relationship allows teachers to truly understand their students and fosters a strong parent-teacher partnership.

Grade Level
Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School
Richmond City
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