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Tell Me More: Dyslexia & Kids

6 Things Parents Can Do For Dyslexic Children by Sonya Bridges, M.Ed & founder of A Family Affair School can be especially hard on children with learning disabilities, and the closer the first day of school gets, anxiety can build. Here…

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Tough Questions

Q:My 12-year-old daughter is constantly judging kids and commenting on what they wear and how they look. This is new behavior for her. I’m worried that if she feels okay telling me these things, she could be even more outspoken…

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Winning Teams!

Everyone knows exercise can help you get fit and lose weight, but there are benefits that go far beyond those physical changes. Families like these three have discovered that the road to a healthy lifestyle can be a bonding experience…

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Boost Your Protein

I truly love talking about food. Which foods I like and don't like, why we need different foods to stay healthy, comparing notes with my friends on which new foods we have tried. The list is endless. I mean, we…

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Here’s to Autumn

The English romantic poet John Keats described autumn as the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.” Keats was twenty-four when he wrote “To Autumn,” and then, adhering to the romantic code of conduct, promptly died of consumption. Which explains a…

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Your Child’s Happiness

The middle school I used to teach at distributed “Grover Gold” to students whenever they helped out by running an errand for a teacher, for example, or cleaning up without being asked. This pretend money could then be redeemed in…

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Take a Hike!

We were awakened that morning by shuffling sounds outside our tent. Nearby noises are common in a campground so we weren’t concerned, but this time we decided to poke our heads out to investigate. Close to the tent, munching on…

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When Child Abuse is Suspected

Q: I have real concerns about my daughter’s friend. She has slept over a number of times and each time, there are new bruises in different spots.She hasn’t shared anything with me or my daughter, but we’re both anxious about…

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Talk to Your Teen Now

Alex Slusher knew her son Stuart was struggling with something back in 2009, when he was a junior in high school but she never imagined those inner conflicts would lead to suicide. Stuart took his life on May 10, 2009,…

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