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Handyman Dad

I suppose if it weren’t for the toilet that wouldn’t flush all those years ago, I wouldn’t be the married man I am today or living the life I’m living…

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Laws of Dogdom

I’m a dog-lover and have been my whole life. Most stories from my youth include, at least in a supporting role, my beloved childhood dog, Button. My dad always referred…

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  Happy Holiday Season 2012! I have a feeling this will go down as the best year to enjoy the season through the kids’ eyes and minds…at ages 4 and…

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All I Want for Christmas

Dear Santa, Yes, that’s right. It’s me. After all these years. You were probably expecting letters from my children, weren’t you? Well, keep your eye out; they’ll be along shortly.…

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by Matthew Field If your teenage daughter asked you if she could read Fifty Shades of Grey, what would you say? That's just what my bright and diligent teenage daughter…

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Chef Christine’s tips for a successful family dinner – no matter where you have it! 1. Give everyone a task in getting the table ready for the meal, so mom…

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