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When It’s Drive Time for Teens

My introduction into the world of teaching teens to drive was purely fateful. I first attended a driver improvement class with my then-17-year-old son. He had a heavy foot at first, until reality set in, and the high cost of…

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Do the Library Like a Pro!

Have you ever wondered how to ensure your children understand the importance of lifelong learning? I started by showing my daughters, ages four and two, where it can take place – at the library. Not only is the library a…

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It’s Summertime in RVA!

June greetings, readers! Whether you love it or hate it, summer arrives this month, in all its steamy glory. Our May reader poll showed that the majority of you are fans of summer, with its more laid-back attitude, relaxed bedtimes,…

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Ask the Parenting Expert

My kids are eleven and thirteen, and they get along pretty well. I think they can stay home alone this summer while I work, but friends and family members have been making me question this decision. What do you think…

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7 Tips for Summer Co-Parenting

As June days peel off, we all look forward to summertime when life can be more relaxing and enjoyable. For parents who are separated or divorced, making summer plans for kids can make or break whether everyone has a good…

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How to Stress Less as a Family

Have you ever seen that parenting meme with Gandalf from Lord of the Rings staring stoically and bravely off into the distance? Beneath him are the words: “When you hear your kids wake up in the morning … so it…

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Let’s Talk About Dads

Do you remember the Huggies Dad Test commercial? People complained, and it was yanked after a few weeks because it portrayed fathers as unable to care for their own babies. This spot I’m thinking about showed a group of dads…

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To Beach or Not to Beach

My family is going to the beach this summer. I’m writing it here so it absolutely, definitely happens … maybe. Sharing it here increases the likelihood that we will go to the beach to at least greater than 50 percent. For…

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