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When Dad Pushes the Cart

I guess I might as well laugh. You’re next in line behind me here in the checkout line. By your clothes, your haircut, and that just-happy-to-be-here look on your face, I’d say you’re a senior at the college not far…

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Safe Harbor

Maria was sixty-five when she made the difficult and dangerous decision to leave her abusive husband. After eighteen years of marriage, she fled her home state to seek refuge with family in Richmond. Maria hoped for a fresh start, but…

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Teen Wow!

Each generation worries about the next: Teenagers nowadays! Social media-obsessed, hormone-crazed, lazy hooligans. Am I right? Well, spend some time with these three teens – philanthropist, musician, athlete, and – and you’ll be humming a different tune. With Olympic-sized dreams…

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Kids In The Media Mix

For most of us, there’s no shortage of wonder as to how far (and how quickly) technology has advanced since our own childhoods. Today, there isn’t an element of a child or teen’s life that isn’t impacted by a computer.…

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What is Perimenopause?

All of a sudden, you feel the onset of warmth in your face, neck, and chest. Your best friend suggests that it might be a hot flash. “A hot flash?” you say, “I’m way too young to be going into…

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8 Things a Survivor Wants You to Know

In 2007, the world celebrated New Year’s Eve without me. I spent the morning with an oncologist trying to absorb his life-changing diagnosis: “You have breast cancer.” What a surprise, since I eat right, exercise regularly, and follow guidelines for…

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Life Can Be Greener

When our first child was born, my instincts kicked in: I wanted to raise our child in a healthy, natural home. The whole family took baby steps towards becoming greener. I started by researching non-toxic cleaners and other ways we…

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Share and Care Alike

Caryn Boehm of Henrico County had not heard the term “collaborative consumption,” although her lifestyle defines it. Environmentally aware, Boehm uses Craigslist and other digital resources to save money and trade pre-owned goods. "We try to live green because it…

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