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Central Virginia Waste Management Authority offers waste collection and recycling programs for residential use within thirteen localities in Virginia.
Celebrate a Snowfamily Reunion!

Turn tubes into clever and colorful snowpeople using odds and ends from around the house. What you need: • Toilet paper tubes • Glue • White acrylic paint • Paintbrush…

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Do You Zoo?

  Here’s a fun collaborative project for families with kids of different ages and abilities. Brainstorm on different animals and zoo components, then create a play set out of materials…

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What’s Your Story?

Story Topics and Themes for Your Cube • Summer vacation cube: Use different squares for different parts of the adventure, such as places, people, weather, and activities. • Patriotic cube:…

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Make a Creature Planter for Spring

Get spring off to a creative start by crafting with materials straight out of the recycling bin. Homemade creature planters make great gifts for all those upcoming holidays. What you…

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