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Good Clean Fun

What you need: Bar of soap Plastic knife, craft sticks, 
toothpicks, paper clips Paper and pencil What you do:   1. Brainstorm sculpture ideas. 2. Then sketch your design on paper, including different angles. 3. When you have settled on…

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Elvis Forever

In 1956, Elvis performed two concerts at the Mosque (now the Landmark Theater) in Richmond. He was just twenty-one. Alfred Wertheimer’s photos documenting the performance, and the young musician’s travels, are on display at VMFA through March 18.Even though this…

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Storied Art

Jacob Lawrence depicted the history of African Americans in his artwork. His series, The Legend of John Brown, is on display at VMFA through mid-June. Use these easy steps to depict your own history in a unique book all about…

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May Flowers for Mom’s Day

Artist Georgia O’Keeffe immersed herself in nature to create White Iris, just one of her works in a series of big fl ower paintings. Be inspired by the joys and colors of the season! Create spring’s perfect present, the fl…

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Japanese Lanterns

  • January 1, 2012

While away a snow day creating a light and lovely lantern inspired by Japanese art. Just like snowflakes, no two lanterns are alike. Artists can elaborate, adding their own fancy designs.   What you need: Sheet of 8 1/2 x…

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Celestial Mobile

  • December 1, 2011

Let the season inspire you! Display your creation at home, or delight someone special with a homemade gift.   What you need: • Construction paper, craft paper, stiff giftwrap, magazine pages • Pencil, glue or tape, scissors, needle • A…

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Natural Fall Collage

  • November 4, 2011

The fun of this project is ultimately rooted in its flexibility. Just gathering up supplies from around the house or backyard will be a unique adventure for the kids.   What you need: • Items in nature or recycled materials:…

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Whale-Done Art

  • September 4, 2011

What you need: • Two large pieces of cotton or felt fabric • Scissors • A pencil or pen • Fabric glue, needle and thread, stapler, or low-temp hot glue gun. (There are several ways to connect the two pieces of fabric…

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Canopic Jars

  • August 5, 2011

In Ancient Egypt, canopic jars were used during the mummification process to store and protect human organs for the afterlife. The lids were often designed with heads, made to represent one of the four sons of the god, Horus. Design…

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All That Glitters

What you need: • Blue construction paper • Dark crayon or marker • Scissors • Gold glitter • Bottle of clear-drying glue   What you do: 1. Fold a piece of blue construction paper in half lengthwise. 2. Using a…

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