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Bang-Up Job

A Drum for Dad’s Day

Combine art, math, and music to celebrate a special man this VMFAmonth! Visit VMFA to view drums in the African art collection, then be inspired to create an original gift at home.

What you need:

• Empty tin can, such as a coffee can (about 9 inches high and 11 inches in circumference) Measuring tape Construction paper, two colors (18 x 24) Scissors Markers, colored pencils, crayons, stickers Glue Rubber bands Yarn or twine

What you do:

1. Measure the can’s height and circumference (the distance around the circle).

2. Cut one piece of construction paper so that the height and width are equal to the dimensions of your can.

3. Using crayons, colored pencils, markers, and/ or stickers, decorate the paper with fun shapes and interesting patterns.

4. Cover the outer surface of your can with a thin layer of glue then apply the paper by wrapping it around the can. Secure paper with a rubber band.

5. To make the drumhead, measure the diameter of the top of your can, from one side of the circular edge to the other.

6. With your next sheet of paper, cut a square that is twice as big as the opening of the can. (For example, if your can is four inches in diameter, adding four gives you eight. Measure and cut an eight-inch square.)

7. Place the square over the opening of the can and fold the overlapping paper down and around the can.

8. Fasten the paper to the can by wrapping a piece of yarn around it five or six times, allowing enough yarn to tie the two ends together tightly.


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