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Bright and Breezy Craft for Spring

How to Make a Wind Chime Mobile

What you need:

Tree branch
Fishing line

What you do:

1. If necessary, wipe the branch gently with a damp cloth to remove excess dirt. Place your branch on a flat work surface.

2. Starting with the middle and longest drop, cut one length of fishing line that is twice as long as the desired length for the finished drop. 

3. Secure the fishing line to the middle of the branch by knotting it at least three times underneath the branch. The knot should be below the branch so the line hangs straight down from there.

4. String your first bead onto the line, positioning it where you want it. 

5. Take the end of the line and drop it back down through the top hole of the bead so that it goes through the bead hole a second time and wraps around the bead to hold it in place. While holding your bead in place, tug gently to tighten the line around the bead. 

6. Continue adding beads, repeating steps four and five until you have your first drop completed. 

7. After securing the last bead, tie a knot just above the last bead and trim excess line. 

8. Repeat steps two through seven to create additional drops from the branch.

9. When all drops have been completed, tie another piece of fishing line to one end of the branch, securing it with a knot on top of the branch. Tie the other end to the opposite end of the branch to create a line for hanging your creation.

Take it further: There are many creative options! Substitute the branch for a hanger or jar lid (tap small holes into the lid using a hammer and nail). Instead of beads, try upcycling bottle caps, nuts, bolts, and washers. You might also use old keys, flatware, seashells with natural holes, and other items. Use your imagination and supplies from around your home to create your one-of-a-kind wind chime.

Photos: Scott Schwartzkopf

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