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Butterfly Time

Because Spring is a Work of Art

1305_KCD_2To establish a nature and art connection, take a walk in search of these fabulous creatures, then visit the VMFA and see if you can spot a butterfly in the exhibits. Finish with a crafting session to create a unique butterfly.

What you need:

Plastic grocery bags
Wooden clothespins
Pipe cleaner
Paper plate
School glue
Glue brush or cotton swabs

What you do:

1. Cut six-inch squares from plastic bags.
2. Pinch one of the plastic squares at the center to create one set of butterfly wings.
3. Carefully open the wooden clothespin and place the butterfly’s wings inside.
4. Pinch and position another plastic square so that the butterfly has four wings (two on each side).
5. To create the butterfly’s antennae, open your clothespin once more, and place the pipe cleaner above the wings. Twist the pipe cleaner however you like.
6. Use markers to color the body of the butterfly.
7. Sprinkle a little bit of glitter into a paper plate. Using a glue brush or swab, dab a bit of glue onto to the tail of the butterfly. Dip the gluey side of the clothespin into the glitter.
8. Once your butterfly dries, place it as a decorative piece in a bouquet of flowers. Or how about a spring puppet show?


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