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Chihuly with Me!

Color and Light Inspire Art

The works of internationally renowned artist Dale Chihuly will move you to creative innovation in your next project! Chihuly’s Macchia blown glass forms originate from organic shapes like the flower and the seashell alongside his desire to use all 300 colors available in his “hotshop” Seattle studio.
What you need:

. Coffee filters

. Plastic cups (glass jars, cups, or vases may also be used)

. Rubber bands

. Washable markers

. Spray-on CFC-free starch (Optional: Make your own by mixing one tablespoon of corn starch with one pint of water in a spray bottle.)

. Battery-operated tea lights (no candles!)

. Optional: A glass jar, cup, or vase. Use different sizes and shapes for different effects.

What you do:

1. Flatten out your coffee filter and decorate it with markers. Create interesting patterns using different lines and shapes. Add color to the entire surface for optimum results.

2. Take a plastic cup and turn it upside down.

3. Place the decorated coffee filter over the cup and secure it with a rubber band to create an organic flared shape – much like the sculptures from Chihuly’s Macchia forms.

4. In a well-ventilated area, spray starch over the entire coffee filter. Notice how the colors blend and change.

5. Let dry for three hours.

6. Remove the rubber band and plastic cup.

7. Carefully shape the stiff colored filter around your tea light in any way you’d like. Bend or mold your sculpture into different organic shapes to create various effects. Take it further:

8. Tuck the colorful filter into a vase or jar and watch how the colors change behind the glass!

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