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Collaborative Doodle

Collaborative Doodle

Draw-and-fold fun is a game for the ages!

Artists of all ages and abilities will enjoy this fun and creative game. Just put pen (or pencil, marker, or crayon) to paper and don’t hold back. Whether you draw a stick figure or a detailed sketch, the end product will be a crazy collective masterpiece for guaranteed
giggles around the table!


What you need:

•Something to draw with: pen, pencil, marker, crayons

What you do:

1.Fold a piece of paper into three horizontal panels. (You might want to make the top panel smaller than the other two.)

2.Out of sight of the other artists, artist number one draws a head in the top panel.

3.After the head is complete, extend the lines of the neck into the middle panel so the next artist knows where to position the body.

4.Pass the paper, blank side showing, to artist number two.

5.Artist number two draws a body, taking care to expend lines into the next panel so artist number three knows where to position the
lower body.

6.Pass the paper, blank side showing, to artist number three.

7.Artist number three draws legs or
a lower body of some sort.

8.Unfold the mystery masterpiece.

Ideally, you want multiple pieces of paper circulating at once. Let your imagination soar. Your pieces and parts can be whatever you want. Incorporate crazy and unexpected elements to make the finished artwork even more original.


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