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Elvis Forever

Rock ‘n’ Roll Richmond

In 1956, Elvis performed two concerts at the Mosque (now the Landmark Theater) in Richmond. He was just twenty-one. Alfred Wertheimer’s photos documenting the performance, and the young musician’s travels, are on display at VMFA through March 18.Even though this exhibition, Elvis at 21, will be leaving in a few weeks, you can keep a bit of the legendary performer here in Richmond by creating your own rock ‘n’ roll star!

What you need:

  • Construction paper
  • Round brass fastener
  • Pencil, markers, scissors, glue stick, craft stick

What you do:

1. Draw a shirt (4”), pants (6”), and a belt (to fit the top of the pants) on colored construction paper.
2. Cut out the clothing shapes.
3. Glue the belt on the shirt.
4. Punch a hole where you would find a belly button on the pants, and punch a hole where the belly button might be under the bottom edge of the shirt
5. Put the tip of the round brass fastener through both holes. Bend the prongs against the back of the paper.
6. Your rock star legs and torso should be able to twist. Now draw and cut out more shapes to add a neck (rectangle), head (oval), hands, shoes, and even hair to the King of Rock.
7. Attach body parts with your glue stick.
8. Add more details in marker if desired.
9. Finally, glue a craft stick to the back of the pants, so your paper Elvis can dance just like the real one did.










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