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Festival Light String

Tiffany-Inspired Art for Any Party

Create your own strand of party lights using recycled plastic bottles and the work of designer and businessman, Louis Comfort Tiffany, as inspiration.


What you need:

  • Cylindrical plastic bottles of any size and color
  • Scissors or mat knife
  • Permanent markers
  • String of low-voltage Christmas tree lights
  • Duct Tape


What you do:

1. Remove the tops and labels from recycled bottles.

2. Using scissors or a mat knife, carefully cut bottle in half.

3. Keep the top halves and save the bottoms for another project.

4. Cut enough bottle halves to have one for every other light on your strand.

5. Cut into the large open end of your bottle to design your light shade. We used nature as inspiration and made several unique flowers.

6. Be sure to keep the opening and neck of your bottle intact.

7. Use the markers to create colorful designs on the plastic surface of each light cap.

8. Now it is time to put light shades onto your light strand.

9. Tear 3” strips of duct tape, then cut them in half (1”x 3”).

10. Find the end of your light strand. Starting with the second light on the strand, fold the wire back on both sides of the light bulb.

11. Place your first shade over the light bulb, and secure it with duct tape strips.

12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 on every other light until all of your light shades are secure.

13. Now plug your party lights in and watch them shine.

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