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Getting Busy this Spring

Working on the Bee Shortage in RVA

In parts of the country, there’s a bee shortage affecting pollination of plants. Here’s a fun craft made with the ultimate recyclable (toilet paper tubes!) to get kids thinking about the environment, nature, science, and perhaps most important – spring! We’d love to see some pictures of your Kids Can-Do busy bees. Share them on RFM’s Facebook wall!

1603_KCD_2What you need:

• Toilet paper tube
• Construction paper
• Black pipe cleaner
• Glue stick, glue, or glue dots
• Markers, colored pencils, or crayons
• Tape
• Scissors
• Googly eyes (optional)

1603_KCD_3What you do:

1. Cut a piece of yellow paper that is long and wide enough to cover the toilet paper tube.

2. Wrap the yellow paper around the toilet paper roll and tape it.

3. Cut strips of black construction paper that are long enough to wrap around the toilet paper roll.

4. Wrap the black strips around the toilet paper roll and tape them.

5. Cut out wings from a piece of white construction paper.

6. Tape the wings to the back of the toilet paper roll.

7. Cut out a circle from a piece of construction paper.

8. Draw a face for your bee on the circle. Draw eyes or glue Googly eyes to the circle.

9. Cut a piece of the pipe cleaner and bend it to form antennae.

10. Tape the antennae to the back of the head.

11. Glue the head to the front of the toilet paper roll.

12. Allow the glue to dry.

What‘s next?

Cut two slits in the back of your bee and add a straw or stick to display it in a houseplant or centerpiece. You might also put on a puppet show. Can you think of other ways to have fun with your bees? Ask Mom and Dad to post a picture of your busy bee on RFM’s Facebook wall.


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