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Shop Local, Eat Global

To the Market We Go

Mediterranean Bakery and Deli
Craving for spanikopita, fresh tabouli salad, or baklava? In need of some fresh feta cheese or a jar of harissa? This market has delicious prepared food ready for any Mediterranean feast. Buy some fresh goat meat if you’re daring enough. The staff is very friendly, and both locations have seating areas where you will often see families enjoying fabulous food in a casual atmosphere. And make sure to take home some mergeuz sausage in the freezer case – a spicy Spanish lamb sausage that is full of flavor. Grill it and serve it with fresh pita. (Quioccasin Road)

Tan-A Supermarket
The mecca of all things Asian! Here you can buy thousand-year-old duck eggs, bok choy, live fish, and beautiful jasmine soaps. For a light lunch or a quick snack you can purchase two nice-sized shrimp summer rolls with dipping sauce for less than three bucks. There are steamed pork buns, rice cakes, and desserts with pearl tapioca – all fresh and waiting for you. (Corner of West Broad and Horsepen)

Latin Markets
In need of some cactus or queso fresco for your tacos? Head to your neighborhood Latin market and you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.Many of the markets throughout town (in the West End, I recommend the one on Staples Mill Road) not only have fresh Latin produce and herbs, from beautiful cilantro to a wide variety of hot peppers, but there are often take-out windows or food trucks right there for your convenience. Everything from fresh tacos to empanadas to homemade breads and yes, even doughnuts! (Throughout Greater Richmond)

Korean Garden

This is an authentic Korean restaurant with a grocery store attached.When we first went here with the kids, I noticed several Asian families come in to dine and right after they ordered, the matriarchal woman disappeared in the back and came back with plastic bags filled with greens and jarred and pickled goodies. Venture into the store and pick up some kimchi (spicy, pickled fermented napa cabbage) and lots of delicious condiments. (Midlothian Turnpike & Chippenham Parkway)

Christine Wansleben, chef and owner of Mise En Place Cooking School, lives in the West End, where she cooks up a storm with her husband and their twins.
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