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Pet Safety PSA for 4th of July Celebrations

by Sally Coleman, pet safety advocate


The 4th of July is here. This is the day that the most dogs are lost. Dogs (and other animals) don’t like loud noises, they don’t know what firecrackers are, and they do not understand celebrating the 4th of July.

So, to keep them safe…

1. If your pet is not chipped, chip them now. Your vet can do this for you. Chips have gotten many a pet back to their owners. 

2. Make sure your pet has on a collar with a tag. The tag should have your name and phone number on it. On the 4th, do not take the collar off for ant reason! You can bathe them and brush them another day. 

3. Do not take your dog to 4th of July celebrations. This might seem like a no-brainer, but, every year, people drag their dogs to watch the fireworks. Trust me, this is not something your dog enjoys. 

4. Once it starts to get dark, keep your pet indoors. If people will be coming in and out of your home, put your pet in a closed bedroom or some other room in your house where it is safe and quiet. Play calming music to block out other noises. If your pet reacts badly to thunder, they will react badly to fireworks. 

5. If you go out to see fireworks and leave your pets loose in the house, be careful coming back in. If they are very frightened, they may try to bolt out when you open the door.

Nobody wants to lose a beloved pet over the 4th of July holiday, and nobody wants to hit a pet while driving. Please protect your pets during the 4th of July celebration timeframe.

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