Your Lucky Day

    St. Patrick’s Day Dishes for Kids

    This year, enjoy a St. Patrick’s Day celebration without the artificial colors that
    so many stores, parties, and baked goods contain. Try some of these naturally colorful and healthy recipe ideas.

    Pot O’ Gold Soup

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cook a butternut squash until soft, or about 40 minutes. Scoop into a blender with
    2 cups of sautéed apples,
    1 teaspoon of fresh ginger, and 1 sautéed onion. Add 2 cups
    of vegetable or chicken broth and reheat on the stove top until warm.

    Rainbow Fruit Salad 

    Arrange strawberries, orange slices, pineapple chunks, kiwi, and blueberries on a platter to create a rainbow arch. Marshmallows at one end resemble clouds, and bananas
    on the other are pure gold.

    Easy Fruit Dip 

    Combine 1 package of Neufchatel cream cheese (a lower fat cream cheese),
    8 ounces plain yogurt, ¼ cup brown sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla,  2 tablespoons of milk (we prefer coconut milk) and 1/8 cup of your favorite berry – strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries. Using a hand held mixer or kitchen aid, whirl away all the ingredients for a fruit dip for your rainbow fruit tray.

    Cheese Fun-do 

    In a medium sauce pot on medium heat, whisk together ¼ cup milk (we usually use rice milk) and 2 tablespoons of flour until you have a thickened roux. Add ¾ cups milk, 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, and 6 cups of shredded cheese. Gruyere cheese is a great melting cheese, but shredded cheddar, jack, and swiss cheese work well, too. Cook the entire mixture on a medium heat and stir. Dip in broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, cooked new potatoes, and bread for a delicious and interactive side dish.

    Lucky Clover Pizza 

    Form pizza crust into a clover shape (or use regular pizza) and add arugula
    to resemble clover on top. It’s all in the presentation.