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Orchard House School Invites You Join the “No Apology Revolution” with Eva DeVirgilis 

Eva DeVirgilis asks parents and kids to join the “No Apology Revolution” in 2021 by being more visible, speaking up, and speaking out. 

Expanding on her internationally renowned TEDxTalk, DeVirgilis shares how her experience as a makeup artist exposed her to hearing women constantly apologize for their appearance. In this humorous, interactive talk, attendees will learn what we say, why we say it, and how to change it so our kids can model the same body positivity. You’ll walk away inspired to encourage yourself and your family to step into your power, turn messes into successes, and embrace failure with no apologies.

Ending the Apology
with Eva DeVirgilis

Thursday, February 11
7:30 PM to 8:30 PM
followed by a 30-minute Q&A

Sign up for this webinar through Orchard House School here.

Who is Eva DeVirgilis?

A vocal advocate for the empowerment of women and girls globally, award-winning playwright, actor, and speaker Eva DeVirgilis helps women thought-leaders communicate to their highest potential: no apologies. With close to a million views, her TEDx talk on self-acceptance was named by HER Magazine as one of their “top inspirational TED Talks to help you change your life.”

Member of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Look Good Feel Better (LGFB), and Safe Harbor.

Read more about Eva DeVirgilis’ original one-woman show, In My Chair, in RFM here.


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