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The Power of Art

Make Your Own Superhero Cape


Many artists work with fabric as a means of creative expression. Use your powers of creativity to make a superhero cape and let your imagination soar!





1310_KCD_3What you need:

• Fabric (bed sheet, tablecloth, extra large t-shirt, apron, etc.)

• Fabric shears or good-quality scissors

• Ribbon

• Colored duct tape

• Permanent markers, fabric markers, puff paint

• Fabric glue

Optional embellishments: sequins, buttons, stickers



What you do:

1. Trim your fabric into a trapezoid with the help of an adult. Make sure your cape extends no lower than your knees.

2. Measure a length of ribbon long enough to loop around your head.

3. Place your ribbon along the small edge of the trapezoid. Press duct tape over the ribbon and fold the tape over the edge of the cape.

4. Continue to line the sides of your cape with colored duct tape, folding it over the edges.

5. Design a superhero symbol that can be your very own. Will yours reveal something about your super powers? Draw your superhero symbol on your cape with markers.

6. Decorate your cape with puff paint and markers. Experiment with patterns and symmetry to complete your design.

7. Add flair by gluing on fun embellishments, like sequins or buttons.

8. With the help of an adult, secure your cape by loosely tying the ribbon.

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