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Kim’s Take on Vitality Acupuncture and Natural Medicine

by Kim Tschantre

My first experience with acupuncture fifteen years ago resulted in a successful pregnancy, so I didn’t have to be asked twice when offered a free session at  Vitality Acupuncture & Natural Medicine.

I am fascinated by the world of alternative medicine and expect to see shifts in the future to a greater focus on treating underlying conditions verses just the symptoms. Taylor Krafcik understands how important this was in his own health journey and wants to share his knowledge with others.

Our session began with a series of questions and answers to come up with the best treatment plan. Taylor took the time to answer any questions I had about acupuncture and how it might help my lingering shoulder pain.

The most interesting part of our discussion was when Taylor checked my pulse for any irregularities that could signal imbalances. For me, I was on day three of fighting a cold and he was able to detect congestion in my lungs.

Before my visit, I was concerned about having a cold and what if I got too congested or started coughing during the session. But the relaxed environment eased my mind and, Taylor offered to treat both my shoulder and my sinuses. I laid down on the table and he strategically placed needles around my feet, head, arms, etc. Having done this fifteen years earlier, I knew the needles were almost too small to even feel and this was the case this time around. After placing all the needles in their designated spots, Taylor dimmed the lights, turned on some meditative music and left me in a restful state for about twenty-five.  I could almost feel the stress slipping away as the needles stimulated nerves under the skin, sending a message to the brain to release natural pain killers. I couldn’t think of a better way to start the weekend!

The needles were removed without any discomfort, and I was on my way and felt immediate relief in my shoulder and head. I do believe multiple sessions could improve my shoulder pain even more and I love the idea of proactive scheduled wellness visits that keep our bodies fine tuned from the inside out.

If there’s one thing we have learned during COVID, it’s that we need to place a bigger priority on our health and well-being and Vitality Acupuncture & Natural Medicine could be just what you have been waiting for!

Kim Tschantre is a wife, mom of two, and amateur photographer. She lives in Hanover County with family and their Corgi, Rigley.

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