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RFM Bookshelf: “Slay Like a Mother” by Katherine Wintsch

Members of the RFM team share books they’ve recently enjoyed. Maybe you will, too!

There’s a powerful message in this book,
and I wish I’d heard it right out of the motherhood gate.

When my family saw Katherine Wintsch’s book, Slay Like a Mother: How to Destroy What’s Holding you Back So You Can Live the Life You Want, lying around our house, I heard a few comments about the aggressive nature of the title. I’m here to tell you: This Richmond native and businesswoman doesn’t hold back.

When Katherine talks tough about “slaying the dragon of self-doubt” most of us live with, it’s because she knows motherhood isn’t a fairy tale – despite what the perfect moms of social media would have us believe.

And frankly, I love the tough talk. If there’s one thing parenting three women-children (or dragon slayers, as Wintsch calls them!) has taught me, it’s that life has a wealth of unique challenges in store for women – whether we’re moms or not. Slay Like a Mother is honest and entertaining, and full of real-life examples from Katherine’s experience as a mom and as the founder of The Mom Complex in Richmond – a company dedicated to studying the passion and pain points of mothers around the world.

That said, there are two things I like best about this book: its emphasis on learning to live in the present, and the little exercises that are sprinkled throughout its pages to help you do just that. A great gift, Slay Like a Mother is the kind of book every mom should have handy for daily inspiration.


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